What coffee beans have the most caffeine?

What coffee beans have the most caffeine?

Ever wonder what coffee beans have the most caffeine? It turns out the coffee bean itself is not the only factor.

What coffee beans have the most caffeine?

There are different ways of consuming coffee that affect the amounts of caffeine we intake. Below are several factors that contribute to the caffeine content of coffee beans:

Type of coffee bean

Arabica Beans
These beans are considered some of the finest quality, and are used more often than other types. Raw Arabica Beans contain approximately 1.2% caffeine (12mg/g).

Robusta Beans
Robusta Beans are used less commonly, however they contain twice as much caffeine as the Arabica Bean. Raw Robusta Beans have 2.2% caffeine (22mg).


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Roasting of the Beans

Light roast coffee
Light roast coffee is golden in color and typically has no oil on the surface. These flavors have a crisp acidity to them with vibrant flavors and a mellow body.

Dark roast coffee
Dark roast coffee is roasted to a temperature of 480F maximum. These dark beans are full of texture and body with a bold and rich flavor. These beans are typically on the oilier side which can develop a bitter or toasted aftertaste. If you dipped in chocolate, these beans are especially delicious!


Type of Coffee and Serving Size

Regular Brew
This type of coffee is made by pouring hot water over the grounds, usually through a filter. 8oz of brewed coffee is approximately 70-140mg of caffeine (depending on the type and roast of the beans)

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Espresso is a much more concentrated form of coffee. It is made with finely ground espresso beans and boiling hot water. The caffeine level of espresso is 64mg per 1oz.

Instant Coffee
Instant coffee is made from dry coffee extract. Once brewed, the water is removed to make the instant coffee powder. Then, to make a cup of coffee, water is re-added at a later time. There is approximately 64mg of caffeine in an 8oz cup of instant coffee.

Decaf Coffee
Decaf coffee is made with beans that have had at least 97% of their caffeine removed. An 8oz cup of decaf coffee is approximately 7mg of coffee!

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What coffee beans have the most caffeine?

After looking at different types of beans and how the roasting affects them, as well as, different types of coffee and their serving size; we can conclude which type of coffee combination will have the most caffeine!

A light roasted robust coffee bean will start you off with the highest natural caffeine content. Then getting a double espresso latte or shot would be the most caffeine content per ounce. We hope this helps you with your future coffee needs!

Don’t be fooled by what coffee beans have the most caffeine!