Best Coffee Beans Covered With Chocolate [15 Flavors]

Best Coffee Beans Covered With Chocolate

Needing an extra boost of energy and having a case of the munchies? Having a few coffee beans is the perfect fix. We can get the energy we need and are able to satisfy our grumbling tummies. Now, you can pop a few coffee beans in your mouth and be on your way but why not snack on some chocolate covered coffee beans? You get the energy boost to keep slaying through your day, your hunger is satiated, plus you get chocolate (who doesn’t want some chocolate). These are the makings of a great snack, in my opinion. In this article we will share some of the best coffee beans covered with chocolate not to miss!

Best Coffee Beans Covered With Chocolate

Happy Bites Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans

Happy Bites Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Made by Happy Wholesale Inc, these coffee beans boast just the right amount of dark chocolate covering the coffee bean. The chocolate melts in your mouth. The beans are roasted well giving a great bold flavor. Happy Bites are packaged in a resealable stand up pouch which helps to keep your beans fresher longer, and also great for on the go snacking.

Buddha’s Cup Semi-Sweet Chocolate Covered Peaberry Coffee Beans – 100% Kona Coffee

Pair a unique coffee bean with rich Hawaiian chocolate and what do you get? Buddha’s Cup Semi-Sweet Chocolate Covered Peaberry Coffee Beans!

Buddha’s Cup uses a different type of coffee bean known as peaberry beans. Instead of producing a double bean the coffee fruit only produces a single bean. Peaberry beans contain 50% more caffeine than regular coffee beans; you will get an energy boost very quickly. According to the maker’s just five chocolate covered peaberry beans has the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee. You may not always be able to drink a cup of coffee or even want a hot cup of coffee but with its resealable zipper you can always have a fresh energizing snack at the ready.

Yupik Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans

Yupik Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans

Covered in a thick layer of dark chocolate these little coffee beans are the just the afternoon pick-me-up you will need. You can even pop a few in your mouth on your way to work or the gym. Yupik uses dark chocolate so the taste is more bitter sweet but packs more antioxidants because of the rich dark chocolate. To keep the coffee beans fresher for longer it is best to store them in a cool dry place.

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Hill Farm Gourmet Dark Chocolate covered Espresso Beans

Hill Farm Gourmet Dark Chocolate covered Espresso Beans

Hoosier Hill Farm has been making quality wholesome products since 1999 and their dark chocolate espresso beans are no exception. The beans are roasted giving a nice crunch pairing well with the rich flavor of the chocolate that isn’t too sweet. This bag of chocolate espresso beans are quite addicting and very energizing. Just need one or two to start your day or give yourself that jolt of energy for your next work meeting.

Happy Bites 3 Flavor Coffee Beans – Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate & Vanilla Covered

Happy Wholesale Inc, upped the ante with their 3 flavor coffee beans. The same great beans used their  now come with milk chocolate, dark chocolate and vanilla. Now the milk chocolate and vanilla covered beans don’t offer the same health benefits as the dark chocolate covered beans but they are still a great treat and will give you good energy boost.

The Madelaine Chocolate Company Premium Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Coffee Beans

Family owned since 1949 the Madelaine Chocolate company knows how to deliver premium chocolate treats. These coffee beans are best eaten at room temperature, making them the perfect choice to keep at your desk for an office snack. The coffee beans have a very rich nutty flavor that is enhanced by the chocolate. Madelaine Chocolate Company is so convinced that you will like their dark chocolate covered espresso coffee beans that they back it by a money back guarantee.

SweetGourmet Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Coffee Beans

Kosher dairy certified these robust espresso coffee beans are a great treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. Kosher dairy certified simply means that the dairy products were made on equipment that did not come into contact with any meat products. Unlike most makers, SweetGourmet’s espresso beans will have a variety of sizes in the package, and may not be uniformed in size.

Go Mix MiNU Organic Dark Chocolate Espresso Coffee Beans

Go Mix MiNU Organic Dark Chocolate Espresso Coffee Beans

Gomix’s dark chocolate espresso beans will give your body the perfect pick up and your soul will be picked up knowing that their beans are fair-trade from Central America. All of Gomix creates their products in their USDA Organic commercial kitchen found in the Nation’s capitol of Washington D.C. The chocolate is 70% cocoa. It is the perfect choice.

Wincrest Bulk Foods Chocolate Espresso Beans

Wincrest Bulk Foods Chocolate Espresso Beans

If you’re looking for an energizing snack but not with all the sugar, this chocolate espresso beans is the go to choice. Arabica coffee beans are darkly roasted then covered in a sugar free dark chocolate. Their name tells it all they produce foods in bulk. Their Chocolate Espresso Beans come in a 1.5 lb tub so perfect for a gift or to share in the office.

Andy Anand’s Bulk Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans

Andy Anand's Bulk Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans

To say Andy Anand’s products are skillfully crafted is an understatement the better term to use is lovingly crafted. Each batch is made by hand and not mass produced by machines. Andy Anand coffee beans are organically grown and come from one farm in Colombia. No sugar added to the cacao used which comes from a farm in Brazil. You will get a definite burst of energy and your palate will thank you for a most tasty experience. So your coffee beans don’t come to you in a big melted blob Andy Anand uses temperature-controlled packaging starting from late spring until early fall. Andy Anand truly is philanthropic. 15% of their sales are donated to schools giving free education to children. To date over 2 million dollars has been donated. For a sugar free snack these dark chocolate coffee beans are dishing out a lot of sweetness to children.

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Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean

This dark chocolate covered espresso beans can be added to their list of must grab items. They are not labeled USDA organic. They are free of artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. The espresso beans have a lighter taste than traditional coffee beans but it matches perfectly with semi-sweet chocolate coating. They are packaged with a lid for easy opening and keeping the beans fresh. At 14 oz per package there are plenty of beans to share…if you want.

Its Delish Gourmet Chocolate Espresso Beans

Its Delish is keeping it Kosher with their Gourmet Chocolate Espresso Beans . The coffee beans are roasted to give the espresso taste and then covered with non-dairy chocolate. Certified Kosher OU Parve means that the product contains no dairy or meat and was not made on dairy equipment. These espresso beans are sweet and energizing great snacks for work or anytime you want a nice sweet treat.

ChocoVivo 70% Cacao Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans, Paleo + Keto Friendly

ChocoVivo does not add soy lecithin (a common preservative for chocolates) is soy free, making it perfect for those on the Paleo or Keto diet. The espresso beans have a crispy crunch and the dark chocolate is wonderfully sweet. ChocoVivo stone grounds their chocolate making it smoother and bringing out the flavor of the cacao.

First Choice Candy Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Needing some energy but craving more chocolate taste and less coffee taste this is the perfect choice. First Choice Candy doesn’t use a whole espresso bean but just a small piece encased around a thick layer of it’s sweet dark chocolate.

Island Princess Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans, Hawaiian Style

Hawaii is the perfect climate for growing coffee beans and chocolate. Which is a perfect combination. The caffeine blast you get from the coffee bean is complemented by the creamy chocolate taste. The resealable bag is perfect to keep with you and share or you can hide and keep all the goodness to yourself.

Which is the Best Coffee Beans Covered With Dark Chocolate?

We aren’t really sure who thought to combine coffee and chocolate but we are so grateful they did. They just go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you are a lover of chocolate, coffee/espresso, caffeine or a combination of all three chocolate covered coffee beans will be your new favorite snack. Sharing is optional.

Common FAQs On Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans vs Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

There is no difference between a coffee bean and an espresso bean, they come from the same tree. There are two main types of beans: the Arabica and Robusta which have many different subspecies for coffee or espresso drinks. The difference comes from how the beans are roasted. Espresso beans are typically roasted longer making them darker and larger in appearance and giving a bolder flavor. You will see that coffee beans will be classified as Because a coffee bean and an espresso bean are the same. It is not uncommon to find in packaging saying “Espresso beans” or even “Espresso Coffee beans”.

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How much caffeine in coffee bean covered with chocolate?

Absolutely! Eating the bean whole you will receive more caffeine than when drinking a cup of coffee, plus chocolate also contains caffeine. According to the USDA 1 cup of coffee(8 oz) has 95 mg of caffeine; whereas 1 oz of chocolate coated coffee beans has 227 mg of caffeine. Again, you will be getting the caffeine from both the chocolate and the bean. The darker the chocolate the higher caffeine content. It takes approximately 70 coffee beans to make one cup of coffee, and you only need to consume at most 30 coffee beans a day for a snack.

What are some health benefits?

The National Coffee Association has been working with scientists to create a comprehensive showing of the research done independently conducted showing all the health benefits of coffee. Research has also shown the health benefits of eating chocolate. It is important to note that the most benefits come from eating dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is the liquid extracted from the cocoa bean. The darker the chocolate the higher concentration cocoa. Both coffee beans and chocolate contain antioxidants which can help improve blood circulation, reduce risks for Type 2, Diabetes, and certain cancers. In 2018 JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) published their findings of a decade long study which found drinking coffee was associated with a longer life span. Making chocolate covered coffee beans a healthy little snack.

How many chocolate covered beans should I eat?

According to the National Coffee Association 400 mg of caffeine in a day is safe. An Arabica coffee bean can have between 5 to 10 mg of caffeine, the chocolate covering the coffee bean will also have some caffeine as well, so the general rule is to have no more than 40 chocolate covered beans in a day. Eating coffee beans caffeine will be delivered to your body much faster than when drinking a cup of coffee. So while 40 is a general number you should definitely listen to your body and pay attention to how you are reacting to eating coffee beans.

How long will my treats last?

Depending on the roasting date of your beans, and the packaging to keep out oxygen will determine the longevity of your beans. They can last anywhere from a few weeks to months. When the chocolate starts to show white specks this is a good sign that your snack is going bad.

Now that we have learned a bit about chocolate covered coffee beans now let’s review some of the best brands to pick for snacking. Now, you don’t have to eat these just as snack you can eat some in the morning before heading to work, or the gym.