How To Store Coffee Beans?

How To Store Coffee Beans?How To Store Coffee Beans? Anybody who loves a big old cup of coffee to start their day or to help them stay awake at night knows that the taste of the beans is affected by how you store them. Whether you’re a total newbie in bean-keeping or simply want to prove a point with your friends (yes you’re not being overly attached to the beans by caring for them properly) Then you have come to the right place. Let me show you the ropes in tackling such a venture and introduce to you my Top Tier coffee bean storage methods.

How To Store Coffee Beans?

Purchase just the right amount

Shocker, I know but listen carefully. For some people, this method/tip may already be too late but for those who have yet to purchase their beans, this tip has been quite useful for me. I can’t count how many times I would try a certain type of bean roast just to leave it in a pantry, never touching it again. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right roast for your tastebuds but when you do find it, that’s heavenly decadence in a cup. This tip helps avoid too much waste and ensures that you’re doing your part in developing a waste-free society. If you do want to buy large batches, make sure to keep them in several small air-tight containers rather than keeping all of it in a single large one. Remember how many times you open that container, the more air exposure the more your beans lose its flavor. Keep in mind as well that the more time those unused beans spend inside your pantry is less time for it to be in someone else’s cup.

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Airtight containers + room temperature place = amazing taste

Just like Goldilocks and her porridge preference, make sure that it’s not too hot and not too cold, just right. What do I mean by this? From my previously discussed method, you already know that air-exposure is bad for the beans. Well, so does exposure to direct sunlight and heat. They don’t appreciate the extra tanning hours as much so make sure to keep them in a nontransparent container, away from any possible heat sources (near an oven, open window, fireplace, etc.), and keep it airtight.

Don’t freeze them

Why? Just, why would you even consider freezing your coffee beans? Maybe you just haven’t had enough coffee yet. Personally I never really needed for storing my beans in a freezer because it just sounds wrong. However, if the above methods seem too cumbersome for you (for some reason)and the only way to store your beans is in a freezer (or if you live in a freezer-like environment) Just remember to keep the beans in an airtight (word of the day) container. Less moisture seeping into the container means fewer problems for you and our beans.

With these methods in mind, I do hope your coffee drinking experiences gradually improve and remember to share these bean-keeping methods with your friends who need it.