Best Colombian Coffee Beans : The 9 Brands Not To Missed!

Best Colombian Coffee BeansColombia! The jewel of the Caribbean, and home to some of the worlds most famous and sought after coffee. This tropical paradise is the worlds third highest supplier of coffee, and has established itself as a major player in serving the world with premium quality beans. Chances are, you have likely sampled some yourself at your local Café. So what is it about Colombian grown coffee that gets us salivating, and coming back for more? Here’s 9 of the best Columbian coffee beans  not to miss!

9 Best Colombian Coffee Beans

Amazon Fresh Colombia

Versatile, full bodied and smooth are all characteristics that only begin to describe this exciting coffee. 100% Arabica whole beans are medium roasted with care and packaged immediately after to lock in freshness.

  • A beautiful balance of flavor will stimulate your palette with tones of citrus, cocoa and brown sugar.
  • Amazon Fresh Colombia is available in 12 oz and 32 oz bags. Options include: ground, whole bean, k cup and decaf.
  • Amazon Fresh offer 100% satisfaction guarantee or they will refund your money for any reason, with in one year of purchase.

Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters

This family owned company started in 2009, with a commitment to help farmers grow high quality, 100% organic coffee beans. They are also invested in land conservation, and are proudly a part of the Rain Forest Alliance. This means coffee grown for Java Planet has a low impact on flora and fauna in surrounding areas.

  • Java Planet Organic Coffee is USDA Certified, and no pesticides or chemicals are used to produce these beans.
  • Beans are medium roasted and result in a proud original flavour with mild acidity. Available whole bean in 1 lb, 2 lb and 5 lb bags.

Amor Perfecto Café

The celebrity on our list, boasts multiple awards for excellency and refuses to share the spotlight.

Amor Perfecto Café is the pride of Colombian coffee. 100% Colombian Arabica beans are medium roast to deliver confident flavors consisting of chocolate, caramel, red fruits and citrus.

  • Amor Perfecto Café Colombian is Fair Trade certified ensuring farmers receive fair rates for their product, and can sustain profitable partnerships with its traders.
  • Available in whole bean and pressure packed into an 8.8 oz Tin
  • Suitable for: Pour over, drip machine, espresso machine Aeropress, French press, manual and machine pour over makers.

The Bean Coffee Company El Grano Suave

Starting out as small coffee roasters in California during 2007. The Bean Coffee Company flourished and have become a high calibre producer of gourmet coffee. 25 years of combined experience is evident when you first put your lips too El Grano Suave.

  • Sweet, floral scents compliment a level bodied flavour that you have come to expect from fresh high grade coffee.
  • 100% organic Arabica beans are medium roasted in small batches, and ground for maximum punch. They are available in 3oz, 16oz and 80oz bags.
  • El Grano Suave is USDA organic certified and also CCOF organic certified.
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Bones Coffee Company Colombia

Hailing from the Huila region in Colombia. This simple edition is a humble contender, but won’t pull its punches when vying for your consideration.

It dares to dance around your tongue using citric overtones to keep you enthralled, and presents bright acidity on every sip.

  • Harnessing the qualities of 100% single origin Arabica beans. You will not regret adding this modest choice to your wish list.
  • Keto and vegan friendly, you can consume this coffee guilt free, and not worry about any added sugars.
  • Bones Coffee Company Colombia source Fair Trade beans.
  • Available whole bean in 12oz bags.
  • Suitable for: French press, drip machine, cold brew and pro over methods.

Wink Coffee Blonde Roast

Up next is our feel good option. Wink Coffee prides itself on sustainable sourcing of it’s coffee beans from high in the Colombian Andes. After making their way to Texas, roasters use old-world methods of roasting their beans on their Jabez 1923 fire-roaster.

Wink Coffee is of the opinion that everybody should be able to enjoy a luxurious cup, while insisting that good quality coffee shouldn’t break the bank, and are dedicated to supplying excellent product at great value.

  • Single origin, whole 100% Arabica beans are lightly roasted and tease citric, chocolate and nutty fragrances and tastes.
  • Available whole bean in a 2.2 lb bag
  • Suitable for: Drip machines, French press, Aeropress, pour over and Moka pot.

Don Pablo Coffee Roasting Company

These people live and breath coffee. If you need proof of their dedication to bring you only the finest coffee, than read on while we discuss the process used by Don Pablo to guarantee premium product.

Don Pablo Coffee Roasting Company has built close relationships with farmers in Colombia, Guatamala and Brazil to source the freshest, and best beans to make it to roasting.

  • Artisans hand roast the beans in small batches for quality reassurance and to monitor perfect caramelisation.
  • Arabica beans are medium to medium dark roasted for a full bodied flavor with touches of cocoa and has a low acidity.
  • Beans are GMO free and are USDA and CCOF certified.
  • Available whole bean in 2 lb bags.
  • Suitable for: French press, Drip machine, Espresso machine and hand drip methods.

Roastesso Specialty Coffee Roasters

No BS, Roastesso Specialty Coffee Roasters don’t play around when it comes to providing rich, decadent, superior tasting coffee.

Sourcing beans from the high altitude city of Pereira, these roasters take special care to select high grade beans, that are picked and dried in the same location; among small to medium family owned farms. From here, beans are hand roasted in small batches to secure supreme flavor and freshness.

  • Single source, Arabica beans are medium roasted and show traits of lemon, chocolate and spices.
  • Roastesso Specialty Coffee Roasters roast your coffee 2 hours after placing an order. This ensures shipping the next day.
  • Beans are available whole, medium roast in 12 oz bags,
  • Suitable for: French press, pour over and drip or vacuum pot.
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D’tieck Coffee Luisa

Roll out the red carpet for this South American wonder. An abundance of sophistication, practically flaunting prestige, is set to overwhelm the senses, and take you on a coffee lovers experience to brag about.

Named after one of their coffee farmers daughters. Luisa pays homage to the people who grow these gold class coffee beans. Luisa herself, helps the family by picking alongside her father to help support her family. Upon tasting this coffee for yourself. You will witness a sense of love and care that defines what goes into every roast.

  • 100% whole, single origin, Arabica beans are medium roasted and have a taste profile of honey, cane sugar, chocolate, caramel and vanilla.
  • Available in whole bean, medium roast in a 12 oz bag.
  • Beans are grown at an altitude between 1200 – 1800 meters.

Should I buy Columbian Coffee Beans?

If there is one thing we have learnt from this caffeine charged Fiesta, it is that Colombia has a long and proud history and heritage surrounding it’s coffee. Many communities thrive off of their dedication to perfecting the growing, harvesting and supplying of delicious, reliable coffee.

We are confident you have found at least one potential candidate to grace your kitchen cabinet, and we are sure you’ll become a connoisseur of Colombian grown coffee in no time at all.

FAQs About Columbian Coffee Beans

We have included some FAQ’s below that may provide additional information that will encourage you to make informed choices when purchasing.

Until next time, Adiós mis amigos

Q: What does USDA stand for? And what does it signify?

A: USDA stands for United States Department of Agriculture. When a product has certification from the USDA, it means it has qualified to be sold as organic, and has satisfactorily met the standards set by the USDA.

Q: What does CCOF stand for?

A: CCOF stands for California Certified Organic Farmers. CCOF are a non for profit grading agency that work with farmers to promote organic and healthy living. Products displaying the CCOF label have been graded as being organic. Members of CCOF give back 2% of their profits to provide grants to teachers and students studying organic processes and offer financial help to organic farmers in need.

Q: What does GMO stand for?

A: GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Products grown using GMO methods are basically grown in labs using un-natural processes to enhance food products. When something is labelled GMO free, you can rest assured knowing it is all natural.

Q: How does Altitude affect my coffee?

A: Higher altitudes generally produce better quality coffee. Beans grown at higher altitudes take longer to grow, so they have more time in the ground to develop flavor and soak up more nutrients resulting in a more robust qualities.

Q: Is Colombian coffee considered among the best?

A: Colombian coffee is enjoyed worldwide, and considering Colombia is the third highest supplier of coffee to the world; a general consensus would suggest they certainly are among the top tier of quality coffees. Colombia also happens to boast perfect growing conditions that allow the production of consistent top notch Arabica beans.

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Q: Why is it good to choose Colombian coffee?

A: Colombian coffee has many reasons why you should choose it . Besides the taste, aromas and quality, you are supporting thousands of small families that rely solely on your business. Colombia’s coffee industry differs from most in the sense that it doesn’t operate from large corporate companies, but is built up of many small families and communities working together. One of the reasons taste profiles are vast in Colombia, is because their is thousands of different locations that are in varying climates, and grow in multiple soils that all affect the properties of the bean. You may never get bored sampling Colombian coffee, as there is so many to try.

Q: Is organic coffee better?

A: Organic coffee doesn’t use pesticides and is GMO free. Ideally, you don’t want to consume chemicals that could pose harmful health risks. Organic coffee is reported to have more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help boost the immune system.

Q: What are the differences in roasting levels?

A: Light roast coffee beans will look blonde to milk chocolate in colour. Light roast tend to lock in the natural oils, preserving flavor. It’s taste profile will usually be mellow with crisp acidity.

Medium roast present a brown colour and don’t show signs of oil. They are more balanced in flavor and offer fuller bodied taste and medium level acidity. Medium roasts are the most common.

Dark roast coffees will look dark brown and will often have oily surfaces. The original flavors are usually roasted out to leave new characteristics that are deeper and full bodied compared to the previous roasts. Darker roasts will often start showing signs of chocolate and caramel fragrances.

Q: What does the acidity level refer too?

A: The acidity level of coffee helps the consumer fully appreciate their beverage. When you drink your coffee, the acidity level is the dry sensation that accompanies the flavor tones you experience. Some coffees will prove sharper and profound due to acidity, and some will be smoother and crisp if the acidity is lower.

Q: Is it better to buy coffee whole, or ground?

A: This really comes down to preference. If you like the convenience of brewing a quick coffee without having to grind them, than ground is a good option because it saves you having to break down the beans before brewing. If you’re at work or running late, the ability to pour over and drink becomes more appealing. However, if you want a fresh tasting coffee that offers the best flavor from that particular bean, then you might consider grinding your own. If you do grind your own, you will have control over the granule size which can alter the taste of your coffee. Furthermore, by grinding and experimenting with brewing methods, you are gaining a full appreciation of the coffee adventure, and might possibly find a better brew that suits you.