Best Light Roast Coffee Beans [15 Flavours NOT TO MISS]

Best Light Roast Coffee Beans

Why Light Roast Coffee Beans?

You must be a coffee lover or at least curious about coffee if you found yourself reading about it. So you might have some idea of what Light Roast Coffee Beans refers to. It’s mainly indicating how long the coffee bean has been roasted, and light usually means it has been roasted just enough to bring out the flavor we all crave and no more. Here I will present a few options for you to try.

1-Cameron’s Coffee

This brand prides itself on always being smooth and made for you, not for baristas. With excellent Arabica beans imported from all around the world, they might be right. They became quite famous for their lightly roasted beans with even spread of heat, making the flavor more uniform and smooth. What makes it great is that almost the entire process is done by hand, Which ensures that quality control is always topnotch bringing you the same, distinct taste with every bag. It would satisfy the most snobbish coffee lover without a doubt. They kept that level of quality since 1978 and it seems they are not stopping now.

2-Peets Coffee Colombia Luminosa

I recommend a light roast version of this brand, but if you like something more darker you’re free to give that a try as well. What makes this brew special is the floral accents to the smooth taste without any hint of harshness. Right now, this is best selling coffee in the world, some sources say. I am inclined to believe it. Easy of brewing is one of the main selling points, paired with light and mild flavor makes it perfect for everyone. If you need to start your day slowly, you can’t go wrong with this floral Ethiopian blend.

3-Real Good Coffee

Breakfast Blend Light Roast Coffee Beans

Just what it says on the bag. Real Good Coffee lives up to its picturesque and descriptive name. Coming from a small team, it’s quite impressive what kind of blend they created. And they have been doing it for thirty years now, giving coffee lovers an affordable taste of amazing coffee. Made from Arabica beans from South America, this might be one of the best ways to fuel your mind early in the morning. This breakfast blend has a slight hint of cream and chocolate which gives it far more luxurious feel than at first it suggests. Try it for yourself and see.

4-Starbucks Veranda Blend Light Blonde Roast

Starbucks Veranda Blend Light Blonde Roast

I must be honest, I am not a huge Starbucks fan. But I appreciate good coffee and this is definitely good coffee. When talking about Light Roast Coffee Beans this might be the lightest. This gives it a very gentle yet flavorful taste that tries to conjure the picture of South American plantations owned and worked on by the family business. Starbucks claims it took them eighty tries to achieve the perfect taste they wanted. In my humble opinion, they succeeded in that endeavor. Perfect for any time of the day, it’s very top of what light roast coffee should be.

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5-Café Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Light Roast

light Roast Whole Bean Coffee - USDA Certified Organic Arabica Coffee

This type of blend you don’t see every day. Certifed as one hundred percent organic, where not even pesticide is being used to repel the insects. If you have a passion for organic and naturally grown products, this might be one of the best choices for you. Instead of using chemicals to protect the beans, producers plant peppers nearby to achieve natural protection. A gourmet coffee by any definition, striving to satisfy every taste buds and nose, the taste can be different by using different preparation methods. The result must be tasted to be believed.

6-AmazonFresh Direct Trade Rwanda Whole Bean Coffee

Coming strong with their AmazonFresh coffee blend, which was quite a surprise to me. But Amazon does everything these days, so I shouldn’t be so shocked. Mellow flavor with hints of citrus is quite a threat to the senses. So not only serviceable but very good coffee made from beans hailing from Rwanda. You can get it ground and ready to go or you can opt for the whole bean version which is preferable as it gives a more fuller range of flavor. Not that ground is worse, just slightly less impactful upon your tongue.

7-Kicking Horse Coffee, Hola, Light Roast

With twenty years of experience and coming straight from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, it’s a type of coffee that brings peace to your mind. Blend from beans from Central and South America gives a sunny and lovely flavor that just brings joy to your taste buds. The aroma of cocoa powder, brown sugar, and rich nougat makes such an amazing, heady flavor that is hard to resist. And why would you want the allure of this beauty? Even better, it’s organic and free trade so you don’t have to worry about someone being exploited for you to enjoy amazing coffee in the comfort of your home. You can’t ask for more from Hola blend, it gives it all and it had me at hello.

8-White Knight Organic Coffee, Artisan Blend, Light Roast

White Knight has a rightfully earned reputation for amazing coffee blends. This Artisan Blend is no different. With three different flavors to choose from Clean – Cherry, chocolate and organic Arabica beans, it aims to please everyone. Even people who prefer dark roast might give this blend a try. It’s definitely light roast but the taste is so full it might give a bit darker tones than usual. With such amazing qualities, it’s hard to not recommend it.

9-Don Tomas Nicaraguan Coffee

Don Tomas Nicaraguan Light Roast Coffee Beans

This one can’t be recommended enough. Not only because it provides the jolt of energy needed to jumpstart your day on the right note. Not for an amazing flavor with hints of citrus that is pure bliss upon your tongue. But for their ethical business model that provides part of their profits for housing, education, and development for affected areas that are in need of help. And I haven’t even mentioned the brilliant way they grow the beans, by using tree shade to help coffee grows in elevation of thousand and three hundred meters.

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10-Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee, Daybreak Morning Blend is a party in your mouth. With every sip, you get caramel and fruit mix which simply delights taste buds and leaves nutty after taste. Only the very best one percent of all beans end up in Caribou Coffee blend and that is not an overblown statement. Every year these guys travel the world collect the best coffee plant can produce and from that making the small batch of mindblowing beverage. Handpicked and handcrafted, the potential of this brew is just mindblowing. Restaurant Caribou is the most sophisticated player in a world of coffee cuisines, based and built upon designs focused on quality and using the very top equipment and cutting edge technology from all around the world. If you think that makes them environmentally unfriendly you would be wrong. They are Rainforest Alliance certified which means they are using the best water conversation methods ensuring the smallest damage upon the world.

11-The Bean Coffee Company Organic Breakfast Blend

This another fully organic blend that brings the well-rounded flavor with soft after taste. A relatively new player in the field of quality light roast coffee beans, operating since 2007 with great success so far. Made from high quality South African Arabica beans and Certified by California Organic Farmers it’s a heavy hitter in the making. To ensure mild and gentle flavor every batch is roasted in small amounts which eliminates the possibility of getting too bitter. Packaged right after roasting in an effort to preserve every bit of freshness. I salute their extra work to provide high-quality coffee to the public, and every coffee lover should be thankful such companies exist.

12-Tiny Footprint Coffee

This brand boasts of being the world’s first carbon-negative coffee. You’re here because you love coffee so that probably doesn’t mean much to you. They say that for every pound that’s sold, they will donate a portion of the proceeds to fund reforestation in Ecuador’s Mindo cloud forest. What does it mean in the long run? Those trees will remove 54 lbs. of CO2 from the atmosphere as well as provide habitat for native plant and animal species, or so they claim and I have no reason to doubt them. Craft Roasted in a vintage 90-kilo German-built Probat drum roaster retrofitted with modern fuel-efficient ribbon burners, the result is perfectly roasted coffee every time. That is all great and good, I hear from some of you, but how does it taste? They went with three-note flavor which combines orange, lemon, and cocoa, balancing the best qualities of all three in a harmony I rarely tasted before. If you like the idea of organic shade-grown Arabica coffee with amazing taste, you don’t need to look further.

13-Cafe 1820 Tueste Claro

A company hailing from Costa Rica. A place where 93,000 hectares are dedicated to coffee growing alone and firm that his been doing coffee since, as the name suggests, 1820. Two centuries of coffee tradition and development brought with it a certain amount of gravitas that is hard to ignore. This particular blend is the newest addition to their roaster of an amazing product line up. The flavor that walks a tight rope between bitter and tart, has a strong kick to it. Which just what we need sometimes early in the morning. They grow their beans themselves all-around high altitude places in Costa Rica and using the experience gained through their long existence their packaging is focused on preserving the freshness and taste. This particular blend heralds the classic taste of coffee, the very original if I may so. Try it for yourself and experience the taste brought by 200 years of experience.

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14-Wakey Wakey

Costa Rican Light Roast Coffee

If there ever was an award for the most aptly named product, Wakey Wakey would win hands down. Beans come from Costa Rica, a place with amazing tradition of growing high-quality coffee, and it’s brewed in Austin, Texas by a Perky Perky company. With such a vibrant name comes a very vibrant taste as well. A mix of caramel, chocolate, and hazelnut just buzzes with flavor. This aromatic light roast coffee bean blend offers a subtle flavor without the bitter aftertaste And if that is not enough to wake you up, this brew is extra caffeinated. Wakey Wakey, indeed. This coffee will bring the dead back to life and that’s the way we like it. To top it off, the company is owned by a woman and their target demographic is women. Or how they put it “Made for the Modern Woman”.

15-Hope Products Coffee

This is another premium coffee blend made with the top 1% of the best Arabica beans from all around the world. In order to preserve the freshness as long as possible Hope Coffee is saturated with nitrogen to exclude oxygen from the package, Which is not a unique but quite good thing to see they made the effort, To go one beyond, the coffee is made in smaller batches to keep it even fresher making it one of the best options if you want to feel like the coffee in your cup, was in the field just a day ago. The flavor is quite fragrant, with a balance of toasted nut and light chocolate which gives it smooth and crisp note. The ethical part of Hope Products Coffee is their partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. According to their marketing half of the profits from Hope Products go to supporting the efforts of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Which is the best Light Roast Coffee Beans?

Now you seen best light roast coffee beans options but you’re wondering why you should give any of them a try. Isn’t a dark roast a more popular coffee anyway? That might be true, but not giving an entire array of amazing coffee flavors a try is a huge waste for a coffee lover. Light roast coffee beans have their advantages too. In a large portion of cases, they are roasted oil-free giving them a slightly healthier rank. The flavors are often fruity and sophisticated without being too strong or overbearing. The lightness of the entire process makes these brews more easily absorbed by your body as well. After all, if you’re in a market of expending your tastes and trying something new, give any of the light roast coffee beans brews on this list a try. You will not regret it.