Robusta vs Arabica Coffee Beans

Robusta vs Arabica Coffee BeansThere are over a hundred types of coffee today in the world. But we usually drink the most known Arabica and Robusta. So what’s the difference between Robusta vs Arabica Coffee Beans?

Arabica (Coffea Arabica)

It is the oldest and most popular kind of coffee. Even 70% of the entire coffee production is Arabica beans. An interesting thing to know is that this coffee is manufactured without any additives to achieve the high quality that it has. The most common places to grow this plant are Ethiopia, Brasil, Colombia, India, Java, Sumatra, and Caribbean. Amongst those countries, Brasil it the biggest producer of Arabica coffee.

Arabica coffee beans are long and green. They provide a mild and aromatic taste, sometimes enriched with a small amount of chocolate and spices.

Robusta (Coffea Canephora)

Type of coffee that is mostly grown in middle and western Africa (Cameroon and Uganda), and in Vietnam. Production of Robusta occupies up to 30% of the market.

Robusta contains more caffeine, and its strength is used to enrich other milder types of coffee. It is resistant to harsh climate conditions and grows pretty fast.

Robusta beans are smaller than Arabica’s, slightly curved, and the color is yellow-green. It has a strong aroma and a high amount of caffeine.

Robusta vs Arabica coffee beans

Location And Growth

There are many differences between these two types of coffee, and the first I will talk about is growth. The Arabica only grows in the high areas, somewhere between 2952ft and 5905ft meters above sea level. Fruits grow up to nine months. This type of coffee is known for its delicacy and sensitivity to diseases. It does not respond well to climate change, which makes it more difficult to produce.

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The Robusta coffee grows on lower sea levels because it is more durable and more resistant than the Arabica. It grows on a hights up to 2290ft, is more resistant to higher temperatures and sunlight.

Coffee Beans And Benefits

Arabica’s bean is oval with the line that stretches through the middle of the bean. Robusta’s bean is smaller and round, and also has the line in the middle.

Both coffee types have some good effects on health. Robusta has twice as much caffeine as Arabica and contains more antioxidants that affect the body weight and help the weight loss. Arabica has twice as many aromatic oils and natural sugars as Robusta, which affects the taste.

Taste And Aroma

These are probably the biggest differences between Robusta and Arabica. Arabica is sweeter and milder, with flowery and fruity aromas that make it more common amongst coffee lovers. The Robusta has a high amount of caffeine, tastes stronger, earthy, and bitter.

To Wrap up

In the Robusta vs Arabica coffee beans duel the Arabica is the winner. After all the characteristics I have mentioned, it is easy to see why Arabica is the most popular coffee in the world. It is also a more expensive type of coffee because it is sensitive and more difficult to produce.

Whether it’s blend or 100% Arabica, this coffee is the queen among hot drinks.