Are Coffee Beans And Espresso Beans The Same?

If you plan to immerse yourself in the world of coffee, one of the basic things you need to understand is the differences between coffee and espresso. After that, you can show off talking about espresso coffee plants at any coffee fan meeting. So to continue your learning on the subject we will take a closer look and examine the main differences between coffee vs espresso beans.

Are Coffee Beans And Espresso Beans The Same?

coffee beans vs espresso beans

The similarities

First, let’s see what espresso and traditional coffee have in common. That way you can start to see how coffee and espresso are related to each other. Before going any further, both varieties are born on the same plant.

Espresso is made from the same grains as coffee, even roasted or less roasted in an identical way.

The main differences are the preparation methods. Therefore, let’s take a look at how espresso and coffee are prepared.

Coffee preparation

If you are going to use a drip coffee maker or French press, the underlying principle is the same. To prepare the coffee, the average coffee beans are measured according to the amount of coffee you want to get and after that placed on a paper filter. Hot water is used within 200 degrees. It is then poured over ground coffee and gravity does its magic. While water falls through the coffee and the filter, the flavors are extracted from the ground coffee in the water.

The result is a cup of coffee that can be enjoyed for a couple of hours. This drink tastes great, is soothing and can even give you a little encouragement when you need it most. This is the way that a majority of the world enjoys its coffee, but there is another way.

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Preparation of espresso

Espresso is also a method in which you can enjoy coffee, a way of preparation is a little bit different from traditional coffee.

Usually, when you make espresso, coffee beans are ground much finer than those used for regular coffee. Once your grind is finished, they are placed in a suitable coffee maker that will use around 30-40 pounds of force. This prevents the water that passes through the opening spaces at once.

On average, when an espresso shot is pulled, it takes about 15-20 seconds to pull the water through the filters. That is what most affects the taste of your espresso.

Espresso and regular coffee offer something unique that coffee lovers can enjoy. While there are some differences between the two drinks, they have much more in common than many of us believe. The important thing, in the end, is how you want to drink your coffee. Or do you prefer something with a more complete and full-bodied flavor that comes in a small package or do you want something that you can drink and enjoy in more time than a couple of minutes each morning?

Coffee Vs Espresso: Which one to choose?

Once you answer this question, you will know which one is right for you. You can also enjoy both, depending on your mood, and there is nothing wrong with it. Still, knowing the difference between coffee and espresso can help you understand what type of drink you are asking for and can help or guide others for the type of drink they can request.