Best Low Acid Coffee Beans : The 10 Brands To Try!

Best Low Acid Coffee Beans
Ever looked at the information on your coffee and read that it is low or possibly mild in acidity? And then wondered how that affects you, or if you should have even been drinking it? Acidity levels in your coffee are worth paying more attention too, particularly if you are prone to upset stomachs, or sensitive teeth. However, it is not our intention to scare you away from drinking coffee, but rather educate you on the benefits of trying low acidity coffee that may avoid stomach issues and the forgettable heartburn associated with it. Our following list will provide some suitable options that not only are low on the acidic level, but are velvety smooth to drink as well. We will have you brewing up a fresh pot in no time. Ready? then lets go check out these low acid coffee beans!

Best Low Acid Coffee Beans

1 Maverick Coffee Roasters Midnight Ride

Mavericks Low Acid Coffee - Midnight Ride Blend

The name alone makes one want to strap on the spurs and blaze the trails in our best Clint Eastwood impersonation.

Maverick Coffee Roasters Midnight Ride personifies great choice in low acidity level coffee. No chemicals or pre-treatments are used to lower the acid level, and the beans are organically grown.

Slow roasting methods are used to create this dark-roast delight, with up to 85% less acidity. Gerd sufferers have praised this coffee for its compatibility and refer to it as enjoyable without the nasty setbacks.

  • Midnight ride is perfect for Keto and Alkaline diets.
  • Available ground in a re-sealable 16oz bag.

2 Leiva’s Coffee Abuela Reina

When purchasing from Leiva’s coffee, not only are you getting organically grown, single origin coffee, you are supporting a fully family operated business that is committed to building the community.

Leiva’s Coffee helps to provide free education and clean water to their village in Guatemala, and offer some of the highest paying jobs in the region for their workers. They are also a part of Fair Trade practices.

Leiva’s Coffee Abuela Reina is a low acidic coffee that presents flavors of vanilla, blueberry and light chocolate.

3 Artizan Coffee Company Cold Brew

Artizan Coffee Company use an interesting roasting method for their cold brew blend. Different beans are split roasted at separate temperatures before blending, to achieve unique cupping tastes of malt and dark chocolate with a low acidity level.

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As the name suggests, this coffee is perfect for cold brews and iced beverages.

Artizan Coffee Company use 100% organic USDA certified beans. They are a part of Fair Trade practices and are also Kosher certified and GMO free.

Beans are roasted medium to dark and are available whole bean or extra ground to order in a 12oz bag.

4 Trücup Coffee Heart Of Bold

trücup Low Acid Coffee

Heart of Bold is going to excite those with sensitivities to coffee by offering a gentle option that doesn’t sacrifice boldness and flavor. Without using chemicals, a combination of water and steam processing helps to reduce acidity and raise pH levels, while still capturing satisfactory taste and aromas.

Artisans use premium Arabica coffee beans that are medium-dark roasted and deliver smooth yet rich consumption.

  • Suitable for flat bottom and cone shaped drip makers, as well as pour over methods
  • Available medium ground in a vacuum packed, 5 lb bag.

5 Lucy Jo’s Coffee Roastery Mellow Belly

Another family owned and operated company joins our list under the name Lucy Jo’s. Their roasters in upstate New York prides itself on sourcing high quality green beans from single origin locations in Brazil and Indonesia.

Mellow Belly is a favourite among Lucy Jo’s patrons from being a low acidic level coffee that still offers pleasant flavors with hints of spice all without upsetting the tummy.

Lucy Jo’s uses 100% organic Arabica USDA certified beans in this medium- dark roast. They hand-roast in small batches to lock in freshness and retain consistent quality.

  • Available ground in an 11oz bag

6 Simpatico Nice Coffee Dark Smooth Roast

Simpatico Nice Coffee Dark Smooth Roast boasts an enjoyable regular or decaf brew, avoiding the negative reactions.

Simpatico Nice Coffee use Fair Trade coffee beans grown by small families from high grade growing regions in Mexico without the use of herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Simpatico Nice Coffee proudly stands behind their product and invites you to try for yourself the glossy milk chocolate tones that are sure to please. Decaf option is water pressed using no chemicals and is 99% less caffeine.

  • Coffee is roasted dark in small batches daily to secure freshness.
  • Available ground in 2 lb and 5 lb bags.

7 The Chosen Bean Specialty Coffee

A certain re-assurance comes from a name like “The Chosen Bean.” Beans are hand picked from hundreds of samples with only 3% reaching the roasting stage. Premium quality is at the forefront with this selection, and you can count on top level results when sampling for yourself.

The Chosen Bean sources Fair Trade, 100% organic coffee from Guatemala, Sumatra, Ethiopia and Mexico to offer only the best coffee beans in their products.

  • A combination of light-medium and dark-medium roasted beans present this low acidic batch bursting with flavors of chocolate, sweet orange, coco, berries and spice.
  • Available whole bean or cold brew grind in 2 lb, 5 lb and 12oz re-sealable bags.

8 Bones Coffee Company Maple Bacon

When you want more than just another cup of coffee, Bones Coffee Company should be at the top of your list of brands to try. These guys specialise in flavoured coffees with an arsenal of delicious flavors on offer including: salted caramel, strawberry cheesecake, smores, pumpkin slice, sinn-o-bun and of course maple back.

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You could spend countless hours sampling the wild concoctions Bones Coffee Company offer, while remaining conscious of the low acidity that comes with it.

Bones Coffee Company Maple Bacon is a marriage of medium roast coffee beans to that all to familiar flavor of maple bacon. Roasted in small batches, this wonderful treat will have you rising early to sip on it’s yummy attributes.

  • 100% Arabica coffee beans are ethically sourced from Brazil and promise high quality.
  • Keto and Vegan friendly.
  • Available whole bean or ground in re-sealable 12oz bags

9 Don Pablo Coffee Growers And Roasters Bourbon Infused

Here is one for the coffee and spirit lovers. Pairing two iconic bold tastes, this unique choice practically insists you take a walk on the wild side and experience the coupling of Kentucky bourbon, with specialty grade coffee beans in a dazzling display of flavor.

Coffee beans are soaked in fine bourbon that is matured in oak casks, absorbing every drop before being dried then roasted to a medium- dark level and a perfect caramelisation.

Rich flavors of caramel, honey and butterscotch with cocoa after tones will hop, skip and glide on your taste buds and have you revved up to go.

This low acidic coffee is available whole bean in a 12oz bag packed in a collectable foil canister.

10 Puroast Coffee Vanilla, Caramel Kahlua

Puroast Coffee flaunts their 70% less acidity option with 7 x more antioxidants than green tea. Research on Puroast coffee by leading coffee chemist Dr Taka Shibamoto, has been published describing the unique qualities that make this a non- bitter coffee with no additives or extractions. A feel good choice that is not only better for you, but offers a tasty alternative from other heavier acidic coffees.

  • Other flavors in the Puroast range include Pumpkin spice, Butterscotch toffee and toasted chestnut.
  • Proprietary roasting techniques are used to enhance flavor and develop a coffee that is full of personality.
  • Available ground in 12oz bags.

Which is the Best Low Acid Coffee Beans?

So there you have it. Even if you normally resist drinking coffee in fears of negative consequences, we recommend trying some of the coffees on our list to see if there is a suitable option for you. Of course, seeking professional advice from your doctor is crucial before deciding to purchase.

Common FAQs For Low Acid Coffee Beans

We are confident this has encouraged you to give low acidity coffee some love and sincerely hope you discover your own favorite in the mix.

Below are some frequently asked questions for your consideration.

Q: What are the benefits of low-acidity coffee?

A: Low-acidity coffee is beneficial to people who suffer from Gerd and other sensitivities like acid reflux, IBS and sensitive teeth. The low acidity avoids negative reactions such as heartburn and indigestion. Some sufferers can experience diarrhoea and irritable bowels when drinking coffee with higher acidic levels due to their low tolerance of natural acids. Drinking low acidity coffee can reduce the risks of these occurrences.

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Q: What is Gerd?

A: Gerd is a digestive disease that occurs when stomach acid flows into the food pipes. causing irritation that results in acid reflux and heartburn. Eating and drinking items with high acidity can trigger these symptoms. Low acidity coffee is a suitable option in most cases for sufferers of Gerd who enjoy coffee and want the option without the setbacks.

Q: What are other reasons to choose low-acidity coffee?

A: Coffee with lower acidity can be beneficial for your teeth as well. Studies show that coffee with a higher acid level can gradually strip away tooth enamel. So drinking coffee with lower acidity can prevent future tooth repair and keep that smile bright and healthy.

Q: What is a pH level? and how is it used to measure coffee?

A: The pH level is a scale indicating the level of acid to alkaline. For example: a 0 reading means the level is highly acidic, this can include battery acid and stomach acids. At the other end, a reading of 14 means highly alkaline and can include drain cleaner and bleach. A reading midway of 7 actually means neutral like water. So when considering pH level in our coffee, a low acidic option would hover around the 4.5 to 6.0 levels, 6.0 being the lower acidic level.

Q: What is “Cupping?”

A: Simply put, cupping is the practice of tasting coffee and observing the aromas. Coffee is usually cupped by professionals to grade the flavors and scents. At competitions, professional tasters or Q graders, use cupping to properly determine the characteristics of coffees and make judgements on their attributes.

Q: What is the difference between Cold brew and Iced coffee?

A: Cold brew is coffee soaked in water overnight to draw out the flavour, and is ready to consume without adding hot water.

Iced coffee is typically hot brewed first and then chilled with ice and milk. Similar process is used to make frappes. The difference is that a frappe is blended rather than being poured directly over ice.

Q: Is low-acidity coffee more tasteless?

A: In the past, coffee with lower acidity levels would usually mean that the coffee was less flavorsome and bland. Nowadays, suppliers have refined the roasting methods to produce great tasting coffee even with lower acidity levels, thus meaning that you don’t need to risk negative consequences to enjoy a cup of good quality coffee.