The Comprehensive Guide: How To Make Coffee With Aeropress

Aeropress is a popular coffee brewing method known for producing a smooth, rich, and flavorful cup of coffee. This brewing technique involves a combination of pressure and immersion brewing, resulting in a coffee with a clean and well-extracted taste. If you are looking to elevate your coffee brewing experience, mastering the art of brewing with Aeropress is a worthy endeavor. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of making coffee with Aeropress, from gathering necessary materials to measuring and grinding coffee, preparing and heating water, and finally brewing the perfect cup.

Quick Answer: How To Make Coffee With Aeropress

  1. Start by gathering necessary materials including the Aeropress, Aeropress filters, coffee beans, a grinder, a measuring spoon, and a kettle.

  2. Measure and grind approximately 15 to 17 grams of coffee to a medium-fine consistency.

  3. Heat water to around 200°F (93°C).

  4. Assemble the Aeropress and place a filter in the filter cap.

  5. Pre-wet the filter and Aeropress to remove any paper taste.

  6. Add the coffee grounds to the Aeropress, pour the hot water, and stir gently for about 10 seconds.

  7. Insert the plunger and press down gently for 20-30 seconds.

  8. Dilute the coffee with hot water if desired and enjoy your freshly brewed cup of Aeropress coffee.

Gathering Necessary Materials

Before you begin brewing with Aeropress, it’s essential to gather all the necessary materials to ensure a smooth and efficient brewing process. Here’s what you will need:

  • Aeropress: The Aeropress device itself is the key component. It consists of a brewing chamber, plunger, filter cap, and filters.

  • Aeropress Filters: These are special circular filters designed to fit the Aeropress and are crucial for the brewing process.

  • Coffee Beans: Choose high-quality coffee beans that suit your taste preferences. Opt for freshly roasted beans for the best flavor.

  • Grinder: A burr grinder is recommended to grind the coffee beans to the desired consistency.

  • Measuring Spoon: A spoon with the right measurements will help you accurately portion the coffee grounds.

  • Kettle: An electric or stovetop kettle to heat the water to the appropriate temperature.

Measuring And Grinding Coffee

The first step in making coffee with Aeropress is measuring and grinding the coffee to the right consistency. The ideal amount of coffee for Aeropress is typically around 15 to 17 grams, depending on your desired coffee strength. Use the following steps to measure and grind your coffee:

  1. Weighing The Coffee: Using a scale, measure out 15 to 17 grams of whole coffee beans. This precise measurement will ensure consistent results with each brew.

  2. Grinding The Coffee: Set your grinder to a medium-fine setting. The grounds should have a texture similar to granulated sugar. Grind the coffee until you have the desired amount. It’s essential to grind the coffee just before brewing to preserve the freshness and flavor of the beans.

Preparing And Heating Water

Water temperature is crucial in coffee brewing as it directly impacts the extraction of flavors from the coffee grounds. Here’s how to prepare and heat the water for your Aeropress brew:

  1. Selecting The Water: Use fresh, filtered water for the best results. Good quality water ensures that no off-flavors will affect the taste of your coffee.

  2. Measuring The Water: Measure out the desired amount of water for brewing. For a standard Aeropress brew, around 220-250 grams (7.5-8.5 oz) of water is suitable, depending on your personal taste preferences.

  3. Heating The Water: Heat the water in a kettle to the recommended temperature of around 200°F (93°C). This temperature is ideal for brewing with Aeropress and ensures proper extraction of flavors from the coffee grounds.

Brewing coffee with Aeropress is a rewarding and enjoyable experience that allows you to savor the intricate flavors of your favorite coffee beans. By following the step-by-step process outlined in this guide, you can elevate your coffee brewing skills and create a consistently delicious cup of coffee with Aeropress. From gathering the necessary materials to measuring and grinding the coffee, and preparing and heating the water, each step contributes to the overall brewing process, culminating in a flavorful and aromatic beverage. With practice and attention to detail, you can master the art of brewing coffee with Aeropress and savor the delightful results with each cup.

Assembling Aeropress

The Aeropress is a popular and versatile coffee brewing device that has gained a loyal following among coffee enthusiasts. Developed in 2005 by inventor Alan Adler, the Aeropress is renowned for its ability to produce a clean and flavorful cup of coffee with a smooth finish. Its simple design and ease of use make it a favorite among home baristas and travelers alike.

Before you can begin brewing your coffee, it is important to assemble the Aeropress correctly. The device consists of three main components: the chamber, the plunger, and the filter cap.

  1. Start by placing a paper filter into the filter cap. Rinse the filter with hot water to remove any paper taste that may affect the flavor of your coffee.

  2. Attach the filter cap to the bottom of the chamber. Ensure that it is securely tightened to prevent any leakage during the brewing process.

  3. Place the plunger into the chamber. Push it down slightly until it creates a seal, but do not press it all the way through. This will prevent any premature dripping of the coffee.

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Wetting And Blooming Grounds

Now that you have assembled your Aeropress, it’s time to prepare the coffee grounds and begin the brewing process.

  1. Start by grinding your coffee beans to a medium-fine consistency. The exact grind size may vary depending on your personal preference and the type of coffee you are using. Generally, a grind similar to table salt will work well with the Aeropress.

  2. Measure out the desired amount of coffee grounds. The standard ratio is 1:15, which means 1 gram of coffee for every 15 grams of water. However, feel free to adjust the ratio according to your taste preferences.

  3. Heat water to the desired brewing temperature. The optimal temperature for brewing coffee with the Aeropress is between 175-185°F (79-85°C). If you do not have a thermometer, bringing the water to a boil and allowing it to cool for about 30 seconds should achieve the desired temperature.

  4. Wet the paper filter with hot water by pouring a small amount into the chamber with the filter cap on. This ensures that the filter sticks to the cap and does not move during the brewing process. Discard the water that drips through.

  5. Place the Aeropress on a sturdy mug or decanter with the chamber facing down. Add the ground coffee into the chamber. Gently tap the chamber to level the coffee bed, ensuring an even extraction.

  6. Start the blooming process by pouring a small amount of hot water, about twice the weight of the coffee grounds, onto the coffee bed. For example, if you used 15 grams of coffee, pour 30 grams of water. Allow the coffee to bloom for about 30 seconds. This step allows the coffee to release carbon dioxide trapped within the grounds, which enhances the flavor and aroma of the final brew.

Stirring And Pressing

Once the coffee has bloomed, it’s time to stir and press, extracting all the flavors and oils from the coffee grounds.

  1. Stir the coffee grounds gently with a brewing paddle or spoon. This ensures that all the grounds are evenly wet and promotes a consistent extraction.

  2. Pour the remaining hot water into the chamber, slowly and in a circular motion. The total weight of the water should be according to your desired coffee-to-water ratio. For example, if you used 15 grams of coffee, pour 225 grams of water.

  3. Place the filter cap with the wetted filter onto the top of the chamber. Use a slight downward pressure to create a seal.

  4. Allow the coffee to steep for the desired brewing time. The optimal time can vary depending on personal preferences and the type of coffee used. Generally, a brewing time of 1-2 minutes is recommended, but feel free to experiment with different times to achieve your desired strength and flavor profile.

  5. After the desired brewing time, gently push down on the plunger with steady and even pressure. The idea is to create a slow and controlled extraction rather than rushing through the pressing process. This ensures that the coffee is extracted evenly and minimizes the risk of bitterness.

  6. Once you have finished pressing, you can remove the Aeropress from the mug or decanter. The remaining brewed coffee should be fairly concentrated. If you prefer a weaker cup, you can add hot water to dilute it to your desired strength.

Brewing With Inverted Method

An alternative method of brewing with the Aeropress is the inverted method. While this method requires a bit more care during the brewing process, many coffee aficionados prefer it for its ability to produce a rich and robust cup of coffee.

  1. Start by placing the plunger into the chamber but don’t press it all the way through. Flip the Aeropress upside down so that the chamber is facing upward.

  2. Add the coffee grounds to the inverted Aeropress. Gently tap the chamber to level the coffee bed.

  3. Pour the hot water into the chamber, ensuring that all the grounds are evenly saturated. Stir the coffee gently to promote an even extraction.

  4. Screw on the filter cap with the wetted paper filter. Make sure it is tightly secured to prevent leakage.

  5. Allow the coffee to steep for the desired brewing time. Again, the optimal time can vary depending on personal preferences and the type of coffee used.

  6. After the brewing time has elapsed, place your cup or decanter on top of the Aeropress. Holding the cup and Aeropress firmly together, invert the entire setup in one swift motion.

  7. Press down on the plunger with slow and steady pressure, extracting the brewed coffee into your cup. The inverted method allows for a longer steeping time, resulting in a more full-bodied and flavorful cup of coffee.

The Aeropress is a versatile and user-friendly coffee brewing device that consistently produces a clean and flavorful cup of coffee. With its simple assembly and brewing process, it has become a favorite among coffee enthusiasts. Whether you choose to brew with the standard or inverted method, the Aeropress offers endless possibilities for experimenting with different coffee beans, grind sizes, and brewing techniques. So grab your Aeropress, some freshly roasted coffee beans, and start brewing your own delicious cup of coffee at home.

Alternative Brewing Methods

The Aeropress is a popular and versatile coffee brewing device that can produce a smooth and rich cup of coffee. It was invented by Alan Adler, an engineer who wanted to create a simple yet effective brewing method that would deliver great coffee quickly. The Aeropress has gained a dedicated following due to its portability, ease of use, and ability to brew a wide range of coffee styles.

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While the Aeropress is praised for its versatility, there are also other brewing methods that coffee enthusiasts can consider. Here are a few alternative methods worth exploring:

Pour Over Cone

The pour over cone is a traditional brewing method that involves pouring hot water over coffee grounds in a cone-shaped filter. This allows finer control over factors such as water temperature, pour rate, and brew time. The resulting coffee tends to have a cleaner and lighter body compared to Aeropress.

French Press

The French Press, also known as a press pot or plunger pot, is a popular brewing method that involves steeping coffee grounds in hot water and then separating the grounds from the liquid by pressing a plunger. French Press coffee is known for its full body and robust flavors.

Espresso Machine

Espresso machines use pressure to force hot water through finely ground coffee, resulting in a concentrated and intense cup of coffee. While espresso machines can be expensive and require some learning curve, they offer unparalleled control over the brewing process and the ability to create a wide range of coffee-based beverages.

Cold Brew

Cold brewing is a method that involves steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period, typically 12-24 hours. The result is a smooth and less acidic coffee concentrate that can be diluted with water or served over ice.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your Aeropress will ensure that it consistently produces great-tasting coffee. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. After each use, disassemble the Aeropress and rinse the components with warm water to remove any remaining coffee grounds.
  2. Use a soft brush or sponge to clean the rubber plunger and the inside of the brewing chamber.
  3. It is recommended to hand wash the Aeropress with mild dish soap and warm water. Avoid using abrasive sponges or harsh cleaning agents that could potentially damage the components.
  4. Let all the parts dry completely before reassembling the Aeropress and storing it in a clean, dry place.
  5. Regularly check the rubber plunger for signs of wear and tear. If it becomes loose or starts to leak, it may need to be replaced. Replacement parts are readily available from the manufacturer.

Tips And Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to further enhance your Aeropress coffee brewing experience:

Use Freshly Roasted Coffee

Start with high-quality, freshly roasted coffee beans. Coffee beans start to lose their flavor and aroma as soon as they are roasted, so it is best to use beans that have been roasted within the past two weeks.

Grind Your Coffee Properly

The grind size can greatly affect the taste and extraction of your coffee. For Aeropress, a medium-fine to fine grind is recommended. Experiment with different grind sizes to find the one that suits your taste preferences and brewing method.

Control Water Temperature

The ideal water temperature for brewing coffee with Aeropress is between 175°F and 185°F (80°C to 85°C). Boiling water can scorch the coffee and result in a bitter taste, while water that is too cool may not extract enough flavor. Use a kettle with a built-in thermometer or a separate thermometer to ensure the correct water temperature.

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Use The Inverted Method

The standard brewing method for Aeropress involves placing the device directly on top of a mug or carafe, with the coffee brewing directly into it. However, many coffee enthusiasts prefer the inverted method, which involves flipping the Aeropress upside down and brewing the coffee in the inverted position. This allows for longer steeping times and a more controlled extraction process.

To use the inverted method:

  1. Start by placing the plunger into the brewing chamber of the Aeropress, but do not push it all the way through.
  2. Flip the Aeropress upside down so that the brewing chamber is on top and the plunger is facing downward.
  3. Add the desired amount of coffee grounds to the brewing chamber.
  4. Pour hot water into the brewing chamber, ensuring that all the coffee grounds are saturated.
  5. Stir the coffee and water mixture gently for a few seconds.
  6. Attach the filter cap with a rinsed filter paper on top of the brewing chamber.
  7. After the desired brew time, typically around 1-2 minutes, flip the Aeropress back onto a mug or carafe.
  8. Slowly push the plunger down to create pressure and extract the coffee into the mug or carafe.

Experiment With Brew Time And Ratio

The brew time and coffee-to-water ratio can be adjusted to achieve different levels of strength and flavor. For a stronger cup of coffee, increase the brew time or use a higher coffee-to-water ratio. Likewise, for a milder cup, decrease the brew time or use a lower coffee-to-water ratio. It is worth experimenting with these variables to find your preferred taste profile.

Consider Using A Metal Filter

The Aeropress typically comes with paper filters, which are effective in preventing sediment from entering the final cup of coffee. However, using a metal filter can result in a fuller-bodied coffee with more oils and flavors. Metal filters are often reusable and can be easily cleaned.

Explore Different Aeropress Recipes

There are numerous Aeropress recipes and techniques shared by coffee enthusiasts worldwide. These recipes often involve variations in brew time, water temperature, agitation, and other factors. Exploring different recipes will allow you to discover new flavors and brewing methods that suit your taste preferences.


The Aeropress is a versatile coffee brewing device that offers a quick and convenient way to make a great cup of coffee. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can enjoy the full potential of your Aeropress and experiment with different brew methods, grind sizes, and other variables to create your perfect cup of coffee. Remember to clean and maintain your Aeropress regularly to ensure its longevity and consistent performance. Happy brewing!

FAQS On How To Make Coffee With Aeropress

How Does The Aeropress Work For Making Coffee?

The aeropress is a simple yet innovative coffee brewing device that uses air pressure and immersion to extract flavors from coffee grounds. It consists of a chamber, plunger, and filter which work together to produce a smooth and flavorful cup of coffee.

Is The Aeropress Suitable For All Types Of Coffee?

Yes, the aeropress is versatile and can brew any type of coffee including dark roast, light roast, and even finely ground espresso. It is also suitable for brewing cold brew or iced coffee.

How Long Does It Take To Make Coffee With The Aeropress?

The brewing time with the aeropress is relatively short, usually taking around 1-2 minutes. This makes it a great option for those who are always on the go or in a rush.

Can I Adjust The Strength And Flavor Of The Coffee With The Aeropress?

Absolutely! The aeropress allows for full control over the strength and flavor of your coffee. You can adjust factors such as water temperature, brewing time, and coffee to water ratio to create your desired taste.

How Do I Clean The Aeropress After Use?

Cleaning the aeropress is quick and easy. Simply unscrew the filter cap and eject the used coffee grounds. Rinse all the parts with water and let them air dry. It is also dishwasher safe, making it even more convenient to clean.