Top 10 Best Coffee Shops In Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia, renowned for its Southern charm, historical architecture, and vibrant culture, offers a rich tapestry of coffee shop experiences. Nestled within its cobblestone streets and moss-draped oaks are numerous cafes serving up not only exceptional coffee but also a glimpse into the city’s diverse and storied past. From cozy corners perfect for savoring a latte to bustling hubs of creativity, Savannah’s coffee shops cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 coffee shops in Savannah, delve into the historical significance of coffee culture in the city, discuss the role of coffee shops in fostering community, and provide tips on coffee shop etiquette for visitors and locals alike.

Top 10 Coffee Shops In Savannah, Georgia

  1. The Collins Quarter: Located in the heart of Savannah’s Historic District, The Collins Quarter offers a unique blend of Australian-inspired cuisine and specialty coffee. With its chic interior adorned with exposed brick walls and elegant furnishings, it’s a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike. The menu boasts innovative coffee concoctions alongside classic espresso drinks, making it a must-visit for coffee enthusiasts.

  2. Foxy Loxy Cafe: Tucked away in the Starland District, Foxy Loxy Cafe exudes a laid-back ambiance perfect for relaxing with a cup of coffee. Known for its artisanal coffee roasts and delectable pastries, this eclectic cafe doubles as a cultural hub, hosting live music events and art exhibitions.

  3. The Sentient Bean: As Savannah’s oldest independent coffee shop, The Sentient Bean has been a beloved fixture in the community since 2001. Offering organic, fair-trade coffee and a diverse vegetarian menu, it’s a gathering place for locals passionate about sustainability and social justice.

  4. PERC Coffee: Founded by a group of coffee enthusiasts with a passion for quality, PERC Coffee roasts its beans in-house, ensuring maximum freshness and flavor. Visitors to their flagship location can witness the roasting process firsthand while savoring expertly brewed coffee in a modern industrial setting.

  5. Gallery Espresso: Situated in the heart of Savannah’s Historic District, Gallery Espresso is more than just a coffee shop—it’s a cultural institution. Boasting an extensive menu of specialty coffees and teas, this cozy cafe doubles as an art gallery, showcasing works by local artists.

  6. Blowin’ Smoke Southern Cantina: While primarily known for its mouthwatering barbecue, Blowin’ Smoke Southern Cantina also offers a superb selection of coffee drinks. Guests can enjoy their favorite brews in a relaxed outdoor setting, complete with string lights and rustic charm.

  7. The Coffee Fox: A sister cafe to The Collins Quarter, The Coffee Fox brings the same dedication to quality and innovation in its coffee offerings. From cold brews to espresso martinis, this cozy cafe caters to coffee aficionados seeking something out of the ordinary.

  8. Mirabelle Cafe: Nestled within Savannah’s historic district, Mirabelle Cafe exudes European charm with its quaint decor and intimate atmosphere. Serving up specialty coffees and gourmet pastries, it’s the perfect spot for a leisurely morning coffee or afternoon pick-me-up.

  9. Henny Penny Art Space & Cafe: Combining art, coffee, and community, Henny Penny Art Space & Cafe offers a unique experience for patrons of all ages. While sipping on their favorite brew, guests can peruse the gallery space or participate in art workshops and events.

  10. Bitty & Beau’s Coffee: More than just a coffee shop, Bitty & Beau’s Coffee is a beacon of inclusivity and empowerment. Named after the owners’ children with Down syndrome, this beloved cafe employs individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, creating a warm and welcoming environment for all.

Historical Overview

Coffee culture in Savannah dates back to the 18th century when the port city emerged as a vital hub of trade and commerce. Introduced to the colonies by European settlers, coffee quickly gained popularity among Savannah’s elite, who frequented coffeehouses as social gathering spots. These establishments served as venues for intellectual discourse, business meetings, and political debates, shaping the cultural landscape of the burgeoning city.

By the 19th century, coffee had become a staple in Savannah households, with residents embracing the ritual of brewing and savoring the beverage. The arrival of the industrial revolution brought advancements in coffee production and distribution, further fueling its consumption across all strata of society.

During the mid-20th century, Savannah experienced a resurgence of interest in coffee culture, spurred by the rise of specialty coffee shops and cafes. These establishments, often characterized by their cozy atmospheres and artisanal offerings, attracted a new generation of coffee connoisseurs eager to explore different roasts and brewing methods.

Today, Savannah’s coffee scene continues to evolve, with a diverse array of cafes catering to varying tastes and preferences. From trendy espresso bars to quaint neighborhood joints, the city offers something for every coffee lover, preserving its rich coffee heritage while embracing innovation and creativity.


One of the most striking aspects of Savannah’s coffee scene is its diversity, both in terms of the establishments themselves and the clientele they attract. Coffee shops in Savannah reflect the city’s multicultural heritage, drawing inspiration from a variety of culinary traditions and cultural influences.

From the Australian-inspired fare of The Collins Quarter to the European charm of Mirabelle Cafe, each coffee shop brings its unique flair to the table, enriching Savannah’s culinary landscape. Moreover, many cafes in the city prioritize inclusivity and community engagement, creating welcoming spaces where patrons from all walks of life can come together over a shared love of coffee.


Coffee shops play a multifaceted role in the fabric of Savannah’s community, serving as more than just places to grab a cup of joe. They function as social hubs where residents and visitors alike can connect, collaborate, and unwind in a relaxed atmosphere.

For locals, coffee shops provide a sense of belonging and familiarity, serving as neighborhood gathering spots where friendships are forged and ideas are exchanged. Whether catching up with friends over brunch at Foxy Loxy Cafe or hosting a business meeting at PERC Coffee, Savannah’s coffee shops offer a refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Moreover, coffee shops play a vital role in supporting local artists and entrepreneurs, providing platforms for showcasing artwork, hosting live performances, and promoting community events. Places like Gallery Espresso and Henny Penny Art Space & Cafe serve as creative incubators, fostering collaboration and cultural exchange within the city’s vibrant arts community.

For tourists, coffee shops offer a glimpse into Savannah’s unique culture and heritage, providing a taste of Southern hospitality alongside expertly brewed coffee. Visitors can immerse themselves in the city’s charm while sampling local delicacies and soaking up the ambiance of its historic streets.

Coffee Shop Etiquette

While coffee shops in Savannah are known for their laid-back atmospheres, it’s essential to observe certain etiquette guidelines to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Respect personal space: Be mindful of other patrons and avoid crowding or hovering near their tables. Give people adequate space to enjoy their coffee and conversation in peace.

  2. Clean up after yourself: Dispose of trash properly and clean up any spills or messes you may create. Help keep the coffee shop tidy for the next guests to enjoy.

  3. Use headphones for audio: If you need to listen to music or take a phone call, use headphones to avoid disturbing others. Keep noise levels to a minimum to preserve the cafe’s tranquil atmosphere.

  4. Be courteous to staff: Treat baristas and waitstaff with respect and gratitude for their hard work. Remember to say "please" and "thank you" when placing orders and receiving service.

  5. Limit laptop use during peak hours: If you plan to work on your laptop or study, be mindful of peak hours when the cafe may be crowded. Consider visiting during off-peak times or alternating between using your laptop and taking breaks to free up space for other guests.

  6. Support local businesses: Whenever possible, opt for locally owned coffee shops over chain establishments. By supporting local businesses, you contribute to the vibrancy and sustainability of Savannah’s community.

  7. Engage with your surroundings: Take the time to appreciate the ambiance and decor of the coffee shop, as well as the company of fellow patrons. Strike up a conversation with a stranger or simply enjoy the moment of solitude with your favorite brew.


In conclusion, Savannah’s coffee shops offer far more than just a caffeine fix—they provide a window into the city’s rich history, cultural diversity, and sense of community. From the cozy confines of The Collins Quarter to the artistic ambiance of Gallery Espresso, each cafe offers a unique experience for locals and visitors alike. As Savannah continues to evolve, its coffee shops remain steadfast as pillars of hospitality, creativity, and connection within the community. So whether you’re craving a perfectly brewed espresso or seeking inspiration amidst Savannah’s picturesque streets, be sure to stop by one of these top coffee shops and savor the flavors of the Hostess City of the South.